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Dust off your passport, these are the 5 safest countries to visit now


The places where you have to be, despite the pandemic.

It feels like Christmas has come early with the news that international travel is on the rise again. But while you can Satisfy your wanderlust, our ability to fly freely anywhere, anytime is not pretty much what it once (again) was. Luckily, we’re making planning your next trip as easy as possible with the list below The 5 safest countries to travel to during the COVID pandemic.



Covid cases: 37,580
Covid deaths: 460
Current vaccination rates: 86.3%
Do I need to be vaccinated to visit Malta? Yes

Say hello to the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world, a photogenic archipelago between Italy and North Africa famous for its beaches and historic landmarks. Quarantine is not required here, but masks are required – you must wear them outdoors.

2. Greece

2. Greece

Covid cases: 725,000
Covid deaths: 15,707
Current vaccination rates: 59.3%
Do I need to be vaccinated to visit Greece? Yes, next to a negative COVID test.

Thankfully, the land of ouzo and haloumi has not been overwhelmed during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now freely welcoming members from countries with low infection rates (aka Australia). Quarantine is not required, but masks and physical distancing measures are in play.

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3. Denmark

3. Denmark

Current COVID cases: 381,000
Covid deaths: 2,708
Current vaccination rates: 86%
Do I need to be vaccinated to visit Denmark? Yes.

Denmark was one of the success stories of the pandemic, thanks to lots of green public spaces and a high willingness to vaccinate. The result is now a Scandinavian nation (and one famed for its food offerings) with no pandemic restrictions – these were lifted in mid-September.

4. Portugal

4. Portugal

Current COVID cases: 1.09 million
Covid deaths: 18,144
Current vaccination rates: 86%
Do I need to be vaccinated to visit Portugal? No, but a negative COVID test is required.

If it’s not Portugal’s architectural delights or burgeoning food scene that will lure you to its limits, then it will be the easing of restrictions. A vaccine is not required for travel to this European nation, which has been largely spared by the pandemic, although hygiene and social distancing rules remain in place. There are some restrictions on travel opportunities to areas that have remained almost COVID-free, such as the Alentejo.

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5. Singapore

5. Singapore

Covid cases: 184,000
Covid deaths: 349
Current vaccination rates: 82.7%
Do I need to be vaccinated to visit Singapore? Yes.

From 8.11, Aussies can once again travel to the shores of Singapore, the city synonymous with shopping and street food. Strict surveillance and contract tracing continues, with restrictions being taken very seriously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit all your favorite spots, including hawker markets.

6. New Zealand

6. On the horizon – New Zealand

Covid cases: 5,995
Covid deaths: 28
Current vaccination rates: 59.9%
Do I need to be vaccinated to visit New Zealand? Yes. And currently you need a visa and a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure.

Our closest neighbors have was able to keep the pandemic at bay thanks to strict border restrictions. A recent outbreak has meant that quarantine-free travel between our two nations has recently been suspended, although we have no doubt that the Kiwis will soon welcome us back to the land of the long white cloud.

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