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7 Enticing Food Festivals In Orlando That’ll Make Your Stomach Growl!


Nothing is more comforting than good food paired with exotic drinks, right? While theme parks are Orlando’s biggest draw, this vibrant city is also known for its abundance. There are food festivals throughout the year that bring people from all parts of the world together to have a good time! Read on to learn more about these Orlando food festivals that you won’t want to miss for the world!

Food is never out of reach in Orlando with some great festivals organized every year. Don’t blame us if you’re already feeling hungry. Just look!

1st Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

A Taste of the World at the 18th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

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The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is the mecca for fine food and unique drinks. These dishes and drinks on offer are all influenced by different cultures around the world, and the sheer variety here is sure to amaze you! It’s also one of those festivals that brings together all things fun – food, drink and, of course, Disney. Be sure to attend some of the cooking demonstrations and partake in brunches with celebrity chefs.

Location: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando
Events: August – November every year

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2. Jake’s Beer Festival

Jake's Beer Festival

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Twice a year, in October and December, Orlando is buzzing with excitement thanks to the Jake’s Beer Festival. It’s very popular and the venue, the Loews Royal Pacific Resort, witnesses a large crowd. Visit this festival for some great beers and lagers, as well as delicious food. You can also indulge in a five-course meal at Jake’s Beer Dinner, held each month.

During the Jake’s Beer Festival, the outdoor Wantilan Pavilion comes alive as thousands of people drink beer. In fact, there are more than 50 craft and specialty beers to try, so don’t miss this one!

Location: 6300 Hollywood Way, Orlando
Events: October and December every year

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3. Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classics

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classics

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This one is for culinary enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs! The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic usually takes place over the weekend, so you can enjoy not just one, but all three days! You can taste wines from all over the world or enjoy delicious food. Educational workshops are planned throughout the day – pasta making, wine blending, cheese pairing, the art of sushi and more! These usually last about an hour. Visit this festival for all the fun it promises.

Location: 1200 Epcot Resorts Boulevard, Lake Buenavista
Events: October every year

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4. Wine and Food in Winter Park

Winter Park Wine and Dine

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If you love food and drink, then you must attend the Winter Park Wine and Dine Festival, held annually in Orlando. More than 30 restaurants participate each year and it’s a feast for foodies. Enjoy unlimited food, dessert, wine, exotic cocktails and craft beer with your ticket. There’s also great live music playing throughout the day, so you’re in good company!

Location: Winter Park, Orlando
Events: October every year

5th Central Florida Vegetable Festival

Vegetable Festival in Central Florida

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Vegan culture is growing fast around the world, so how can Orlando be behind? It’s one of the biggest and most popular food festivals in Florida, and with good reason. Expect a day full of colorful and educational exhibitions and activities here. If you are aware of your health, many things will please you. There is also a large selection of vegan dishes! You can also increase your knowledge of nutritious foods for a healthy life! On average, there are around 200 vendors and 100 contributors each year, so expect lots of demos.

Location: Orlando Festival Park, Orlando
Events: October every year

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6. Cows and Taxis

Cows and Taxis

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This annual festival of incredible food and drink contributes to a good cause! Each year more than 25 local restaurants come together to showcase their best dishes for fundraising purposes. There’s free-flowing beer, wine and of course gourmet food for the foodie in you. We’ve tempted you enough not to miss this one!

Location: 150 N New York Ave, Winter Park, Orlando
Events: October every year

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7th Seaworld Craft Beer Festival

Seaworld Craft Beer Festival

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If you love your beer, then you definitely can’t miss this one! SeaWorld Theme Park hosts an annual festival featuring over 100 beers from breweries across Florida, plus some national and international favorites. There is also delicious food on offer. This is an offer you certainly can’t refuse!

Location: Orange County, Fla
Events: November every year

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